Mountain Manor Treatment Center

Rating: 3.7   (5)

Treatment approach

  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling approach

Treatment Options

  • Long-term residential
  • Residential
  • Residential detoxification
  • Short-term residential


  • Smoking permitted in designated area


  • Services for the deaf and hard of hearing


  • Female
  • Male


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • 12-step faciltitation approach
  • Accepts clients on opioid medication
  • Alcohol Detoxification
  • Anger management
  • Benzodiazepines Detoxification
  • Cocaine Detoxification
  • Family Addiction Counseling
  • Group counseling offered
  • Individual counseling offered
  • Methamphetamines Detoxification
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Naltrexone (oral)
  • Opioids Detoxification
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Vivitrol® (injectable Naltrexone)

Payment Options

  • American Express
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Check
  • Mastercard
  • Medicaid
  • Private health insurance
  • Visa

Accepted Insurances

  • Medicaid


Mountain Manor Treatment Center, located on 9701 Keysville Road, Emmitsburg, Maryland, is an addiction treatment facility that can help those who need addiction help, get the guidance, treatment, and counseling needed. Mountain Manor Treatment Center has caring addiction recovery professionals who are devoted to assisting addicts in overcoming addiction and addictive behaviors.

The main aim of the addiction specialists at Mountain Manor Treatment Center is to give the appropriate guidance and comfort to patients aged 18+ throughout their journey toward long-lasting sobriety. By providing effective programs for addiction treatment to patients, patients will have all of the resources required in order to overcome addiction. It's important to remember that not all treatment programs are ideal for every patient. Just as each and every individual and their addiction is different, so should treatment. At Mountain Manor Treatment Center, patients will get a treatment plan that is designed uniquely for them. The proper treatment program will be determined after a patient assessment has taken place.

Mountain Manor Treatment Center is committed to accommodating the wants and requirements of patients in an effort to best ensure their contentment while in recovery. Addiction counselors at Mountain Manor Treatment Center make it an objective to help addicts reclaim their lives so that they can begin on a new more promising path. Once a patient has reached the level of sustained sobriety, they will feel a sense of relief knowing that addiction is no longer going to control their everyday lives. Getting the help needed to overcome addictive behavior is the best course of action an addict can take. Don't live another day in the whirlwind that is drug and alcohol addiction, get in touch with Mountain Manor Treatment Center today and learn how treatment can help.

Attempting detox without professional help is very hard and the majority of those who attempt detox on their own end up failing. This is because addiction is a mental disorder that requires the help of professional medical personnel and addiction counselors in order to overcome.

Seeking treatment is the best option when desiring a life that is free of substance dependency. The time to get help is now. Contact Mountain Manor Treatment Center by visiting today and learn about what sort of treatment options are available.

Contact Details

+1(301) 447-2361
9701 Keysville RoadEmmitsburgMaryland  21727

Google Reviews

  5.0   3 years ago

My recovery began at Mountain Manor in 1981. It is not a glamorous place at all, but the treatment I received was the best.

  5.0   3 years ago

17 months clean and sober.

  4.0   4 years ago

I was here just recently. The girls were awesome the lectures and groups were amazing. Sitting in chairs all day did hurt my back and butt alot. I am still clean. I appreciate what they did for me. The food was great. The 30 min breaks went by too fast we were locked out of our rooms most of the days on weekends. Night time we get locked in the rooms. Cant open a window either at night. There were alot of drama with staff and some arguments between girls. The nurses were never understanding. Had to wait in the cold at 6:30am to 8am. Anytime we needed meds. They kept us waiting in the cold. 3 ppl at a time in there. All the security guards were soo rude except 1 names shawn he was sooo sweet. Only 1 or 2 nurses were great. The rest were very rude and uncalled for attitudes. Smart mouthed. Ignorant and over the smallest things. Not helpful at all. My councilor was miss beth. She was okay i loved miss patty. She helped alot. She actually listened to our problems in small group. My roomates had seizures. Security and nurses didnt care for my roomates all they did was threaten people to kick them out. Never wanted to listen to anyone rolled thier eyes and was just disrespectful. They kept me in detox didnt move me for 2 weeks. So i seen alot of people come and go. I believe if they took thier time to care more about patients they wouldnt go ama on them. Fist fights between girls. Arguments alot of drama im there to get my life changed for the good. Not to see a real life episode of jerry springer everyday. But minus the drama the mean nurses and rude security. I learned alot in the lectures and movies they played. It was really cold up there in the mountains. Really really windy and cold. I realized when i was released that security actually kept all my winter shirts and gave me my summer t-shirts which isnt right. I had to call my husband to bring me longsleeve shirts. It was february and march 2018. I stayed so it was cold weather. Idk why they didnt give me my winter clothes instead. I was on suboxone for 5 days that was it. Which is okay . But they kept me in detox downstairs 2 weeks when i wasnt on detox anymore for awhile. I seen the one security gaurd chunky mexican looking guy being rude to a few girls. Getting them off the property when they signed out and leave them off the property in traffic on a busy busy highway. Didnt care if they got hit by a car with thier heavy suitcases and bags. The gas station acrossed the street was very friendly and let my friend use the phone to call family to get them. It was freezing out soooo windy and he kicked so many people out in that cold weather and busy highway. No respect for anyone. The same guy was rude to MY own husband who was just asking to help find where i was the certificate they give u is cheap looking. But the only thing i gained was lots of information and friends. You have to sit and listen really good to get the information with all the drama in the background.

  5.0   5 years ago

Mountain Manor saved my life and Mrs Patty was awesome. The people on here saying she’s rude and unprofessional are probably the people who want someone to co-sign their BS. She gives it too you straight up and if your not ready to get honest with yourself Mrs Patty has no problem being honest for you. Thank you Mountain Manor and all the staff. You helped me get my life back, no you didn’t do it for me (like some reviews on here think you should do ) you gave me the tools to do it for myself. 6yrs and never turning back !!!!

  5.0   5 years ago

I had a great experience here, they introduced me to twelve step fellowships and I have been clean for three years now.

  5.0   5 years ago

As I described in a poem I wrote the day before I finished treatment " Mountain manor has been the cucoon that provided a gateway to my metamorphosis" I meant that with every cell in my body. The quality of care ,treatment and service were admirable. I wanna truly thank all the staff and counselors for being so helpful, caring and direct when it needed be. Most of all I wanna express my utmost gratitude to my counselor Josh for being so devoted and taking a genuinely caring approach to my recovery and other areas of my life I need to work on. This place made the biggest impact I've had in my life and I am no longer a slave to the disease of addiction thanks to this place.

  5.0   5 years ago

As I described in a poem I wrote the day before I finished treatment " Mountain manor has been the cucoon that provided a gateway to my metamorphosis" I meant that with every cell in my body. The quality of care ,treatment and service were admirable. I wanna truly thank all the staff and counselors for being so helpful, caring and direct when it needed be. Most of all I wanna express my utmost gratitude to my counselor Josh for being so devoted and taking a genuinely caring approach to my recovery and other areas of my life I need to work on. This place made the biggest impact I've had in my life and I am no longer a slave to the disease of addiction thanks to this place.

  5.0   5 years ago

NOTE: Many of the reviews posted here are understandably from those who did not get what they wanted. That doesn't mean they correctly reflect the program, but rather just a blurry snapshot offered during a difficult moment in recovery. I would like to offer a review based on 2 in-patient stays and long term work with Frederick avenue clinical staff. Mt. Manor offers a strong drug treatment program for adults and youth from the Baltimore area. I have attended the Intensive Out Patient program in Baltimore City as well as the In patient center in Emmitsburg, MD. and found both provided excellent and compassionate drug counseling and treatment. My review is sincere and honest and the result of having worked with their program on may levels for many years. Their treatment center in Emmitsburg is the best I've ever attended (only 2 to be honest, one other with all the amenities, but limited solid recovery support). The counseling/clinical staff have years of experience (and yes many are in recovery...with YEARS of sobriety) and provide a solid program: intelligent, individualized, creative, spiritual counseling and drug/alcohol recovery educational sessions. The staff and the center's policies are firm and rigorous. They make it clear with much care that we need to work on our recovery and not use the time in rehab to socialize and be distracted by the things we can do when we get out of the center. Some may interpret this in a negative light, but I suggest that this could be part of the disease's insidious effort to find excuses to avoid the hard truths. The nursing staff are wonderful and attentive to the clients medication needs. They provide weekly educational sessions and the nurse practitioner works to meet the client's needs. As for the amenities: FOOD- three daily meals and a late supper sandwich/cookies are prepared by a kind kitchen staff, light snacks of fruit and PBJ, and coffee and juices always available. This isn't 5 star dining...but then who needs that in on the money and buy a good meal when you're sober. HOUSING-- the center is in an old motel in a beautiful rural area nearby Camp David. There is a small pond on the grounds with seasonal wildlife and in the evenings clients can enjoy the amazing night skies that the bright light's of Bmore city prevent viewing. The housekeeping staff thoroughly clean the rooms daily and provide full linen and laundry service. But yes, it is an old motel...that doesn't mean it isn't a good facility...Look more deeply and you'll find IT IS!! But if you are looking for a vacation...this isn't the place for you. It is a place for serious recovery work. It's the kind of place you don't want to come back to because it will help you get it right for life. The administrators are deeply caring and concerned about their clients and provide outstanding intake and aftercare support. When needed they can provide scholarships and financial assistance for clients, but the cost is way less than just about any center around. This IS NOT A MONEY MILL like so many treatment centers....but one dedicated to providing a solid recovery program.The facility was created decades ago by a recovering alcoholic with a committed service mission for addicts and alcoholics. In addition, after participating in a short term medication trail I was provided long term counseling from one of the clinical directors and medication management from the program's psychiatrist. They were hands down the best psychiatric team I have ever worked with (and I have lived in NY, SF, Boston and received counseling in all those states :-). They were well read on current research, focused on my specific needs when shaping my treatment plan, and attentive to and concerned about my progress. During my counseling sessions they were excellent listeners but more importantly they provided thoughtful and compassionate advice that helped guide me through relapses to recovery. I still have much more hard work to do to maintain my sobriety but I want to express here my gratitude for the support they provided.

  5.0   6 years ago

patty miller is the best she gives you tough love when your in treatment thats what you need and as for her being unfriendly what i saw was the clients that were there cuz they had to be and didnt take treatment serious she could see right through their bs as for the food i felt it was nutritionally sound alot of carbs which is what most recovering addicts need to gain weight and give them energy the facility is dated but it was clean the nursing staff were very rude very condicending i would reccommend this place to anyone if you want a 5 star rehab you are gonna have to pay for it in the thousands most of us as addicts dont have any money and rely on state insurance

  5.0   6 years ago

Look folks it's rehab, ,,it was very much a GREAT program for me,,,it's what u make of it,,,if your immature and don't want it, ,,don't go.It was clean,secure and no nonsense.

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