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Addiction is a chronic health disorder that is often misunderstood by family and loved ones. Addiction is not something a person can simply give up with willpower or desire to quit. Drugs and/or alcohol can change the chemical makeup of a person's brain. Instead of doing the things they once enjoyed, they become solely focused on using a drug again. A person will experience changes in personality, mood, and memory. When a person suffers from this condition, seeking addiction treatment in Frederick as quickly as possible can help.

Addiction is not a weakness and it doesn't happen to "bad" people -- it happens to all people. Drugs are powerful substances, and a person often does not begin using drugs with the idea of becoming addicted. However, over time, they continue to abuse a drug and addiction can set in. It's important to remember that addiction is a disease that requires medical treatment, just like going to the doctor for high blood pressure or diabetes. Drug and alcohol rehabs can provide various treatments that can help a person stop abusing drugs for good.

Are There Phases/Steps for Addiction Treatment?

When a person seeks addiction treatment in Frederick, the first step is often the intake process. This involves meeting with a representative from a drug and alcohol treatment center to discuss a person's drug abuse history. A person will also discuss factors that could affect treatment, such as chronic health conditions or previous completion of other rehabilitation programs. It's important for a person seeking drug rehab to remember that experiencing a relapse does not mean that rehab did not "work." Instead, a person should see a relapse as an opportunity to get back to a relapse prevention program and continue to engage in healthy habits.

The next step of treatment is usually medical detox in Frederick. This involves stopping using a particular drug or alcohol for a certain amount of time. Because a person's brain and body are addicted to a substance, this can result in withdrawal symptoms. If a person chooses inpatient addiction treatment in Frederick, they will often receive medications that help to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.

Throughout the detox process and beyond, a person will usually participate in some type of addiction treatment counseling. This can involve using methods such as cognitive-behavioral counseling, which helps to teach a person how their thoughts and behaviors shape their personality. In addition to counseling, a person may also participate in group therapy and relapse prevention programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Types of Treatment for Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug and alcohol treatments in Frederick work best when they are individualized. This means that a person has received a personalized treatment plan with their health history and drug abuse history in mind. There are many approaches to programs for addiction treatment that a person can participate in. Examples include the following:

  • Counseling: From one-on-one to family counseling, working with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist can help a person educate themselves on drug abuse and learn behaviors that will help them resist the urge to return to drugs and alcohol.
  • 12-Step Programs: Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and many other similar programs are designed to keep a person from relapsing or returning to drug and/or alcohol abuse. These programs have helped people overcome their addictions for nearly 100 years.
  • Medication Management: If a person is addicted to painkillers, heroin, or alcohol, there are FDA-approved treatments in the form of medications to reduce the incidence of addiction. Examples include methadone and Suboxone, which are medications that can reduce a person's pain experience without giving off the same euphoric high. They are less deadly and not illegal as heroin or opioid abuse. Participation in these programs does require careful monitoring and counseling to ensure they are as effective as possible.
  • Stress-Relieving Programs: Many programs for addiction treatment in Frederick are focusing on the holistic aspect of drug and alcohol treatment programs. This involves treating a person's body as well as their mind. Using programs like restorative yoga, art therapy, equine therapy, and acupuncture, people are learning healthier ways to reduce their stress than turning to drugs and/or alcohol.

These and other programs for addiction treatment can help those in Frederick and beyond to stop using drugs and learn to be productive in work, their relationships, and in society as a whole. While the process is not always easy, it is possible. Call Frederick Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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